Currently, landscaping of houses and living spaces is in trend. This is due to the fact that people want to be closer to nature. At the same time, each of us wants to create not only a stylish and beautiful interior, but also make less effort to care for plants. In this regard, the popularity of potted plants has increased. According to statistics, about 20% of buyers in flower shops choose them.

In wedding decor, people have long been tired of the standard floral design, so potted plants began to appear more often at events, also with their help, sometimes you can better reveal the idea of ​​​​the design itself.


How to choose plants for retail sale? It completely depends on what assortment you want to see in your own store. Classic options are succulents and palms. They can be diluted not only with traditional houseplants, but also with those that grow in the open field.

Business idea. Plants in flowerpots can become a feature of your salon, but the main thing is to warn the buyer that it is better to use them for landscaping a balcony or loggia, because such plants may not feel very good inside the house.

Top 5 unpretentious plants for a flower shop:

  • Zamioculcas
  • Antrium Andre white
  • Scheffler “Gerd”
  • Sansevieria cylindrica
  • Ficus Elastica “Belize”

You can buy them at flower bases, where they sell cut, potted and open ground plants, or order directly from Holland.

Potted plants can be integrated into the interior of a flower shop. be sure to attach clearly visible price tags to them, or put the assortment on a separate rack.

Advice. Remember that plants that require different care should be placed in different blocks, as an example, you can imagine what will happen if you put Chamedorea and Saintpaulia side by side: the leaves of the first require daily moisture, and the second – when sprayed, they begin to rot. Therefore, the placement of plants should be thoughtful.


The choice of plants for wedding decor depends on the concept of the event.

The main thing that the florist should take into account is what plants the customers want to see at the celebration and where they will be located.

If they are used to decorate a table or a cocktail area, small plants should be chosen so that people can comfortably eat and talk to each other. Succulents and mini-versions of popular houseplants or some types of epiphytes can be the best options.

If potted plants are planned to be used in the decor of the photo zone, it is better to choose high ones – from one and a half meters and above. You can use ampel options so that they hang down beautifully, but there should be quite a lot of them.

Advice. The photo zone should be a harmonious composition. If the room allows, ampelous plants can be hung from the ceiling, it looks amazing and resembles a real jungle.

An unusual solution would be to use a potted plant as an accent in a bouquet: it can be only leaves, flowers, and even the whole plant.